Hello and Welcome

Bryant Harper Founder of Code Amber

OK, so what’s been happening with us? Now it’s 2017 and things are good.

As you know we founded Code Amber back in 2002 to bring awareness to the Amber Alert system. At the time there were Amber Alerts in only 13 states and hardly anyone knew anything about Amber Alerts or what they were for and how it works.

That was then and this is now.

The Amber Alert system has matured to the point where not only do all 50 States have them but Puerto Rico, Guam and several other countries now have robust Amber Alert Systems.

Our work with Amber Alert is done.

And that’s a good thing.

The emotional and physical toll of dealing with some many horrific tragedies involving children really did a number on me and Paula. I ended up in the hospital for three weeks and I almost did not get out alive. I did though and now, after a couple of years of recovery, Paula and I are off to new adventures.

We now live in Florence on the Oregon coast. The header image is a place called Thor’s Well near Cape Perpetua north of Florence.


This is a video of 50 Foot surf just south of Sunset Bay. It’s a big seal rookery when it’s not getting pounded. You can actually see one high up on the left end of the big rock. Watch full screen if you can.


This is the same day but I shot it from a little farther south looking north to the big rock. Both videos were take with my iPhone.

We hope you will come along!

You may have come here from a link in an email you received from me.

Over the years many thousands of you signed up for news about Code Amber and Amber Alerts via email and we kept your email address unless you unsubscribed.

So now we’re just letting you know what we’re up to by sending you and occasional email.

So what will we be sending you information about?

Well, we love to travel, shop and eat. But not necessarily in that order.

So you will be getting email from us about our travels, bargains we come across and just general foodie fun.

You can stop hearing from us anytime by just clicking the unsubscribe link in any of the emails you get from us.

As for bargains, you know those super high strength flashlights everyone is talking about? The ones that “light up the night” that the “special forces” supposedly use?

You know, the ones they want like $60 for?

Well we came across on that works great, it’s super small and it only takes one AA battery for under 7 Bucks! It says Free but you have to pay S&H.

Want one? Here you go Click Here to get it for under 7 bucks

Anyway, I’ll update this blog with new stuff and happenings as they occur.

I bought an electric smoker and I’ve been playing with that for the last few weeks. I caught 3 nice Rainbow trout this morning and I’m going to smoke them tomorrow. I’ll let you know how they turn out.

Before I go, here is my pledge to you. If you choose to continue getting my email I’ll never try to push junk on you. The flashlight is a good deal, I bought one myself and I’ll be getting some for the kids too. I will send you things I think you will find interesting and that I can honestly recommend whether it’s a flashlight, a recipe (that would be from Paula) or even the occasional helpful piece of software.

Remember, if you ever decide you don’t want my email just use the unsubscribe link in any one of them and feel free to stop by here from time to time to catch up if you wish to.

Thanks again,

Bryant Harper